POEM: During Christmas !!!


Dark nights ,
Stars are sparkling over the sky
playing hide n seeks ..
So cold and wind ,
that whispers into my ears
of gingle bells,carols,gifts and santa clous ..
Winter and snowflakes ,
we always wait eagerly
let people feel cool within internal warmth..
And all the surprises And secrets that you bring
which makes us really exciting ..

I wonder how sweet will it be ,
my sensation leetting me feel with full of bliss
though my feets are shivering bcz of breeze..
I know i'm in peace ..
Lets pray in the X'MAS eve ,
with all faith and respects wholeheartedly
for his kind and kin Mercy ..
to pour his hoiliness ..
to lighten our darkness ..
to bulid a confidence ..
to give us inspiration and courage ..
to create strength and patience ,
to encounter all kinds or trials of troubles ..
No matter what but ,
We do swear Not to give up ..

His Spirit is one ,
One in all ..
The holy cross, he was hanged
for the truth and justice ,
which we've been embracing and will be following the same paths
as long as the universe exists ..
In An Auspicious Moments of X'MAS ,
I wish you all for
Fresh air and pure breathe ,
being far from all those crossed eyed
to be in all knwon as Unity's Thread ..

Its time to be together ,
For sharing happiness and cheer ..
A favourite season to make a fun and laugh ,
that will remain through out the life ..
Leaving our past behind ,
Begining of new journey ..
A joyful memories ,
holding love , new hopes and dreams ...

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May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above. Happy Christmas.

Hapyy Chirsmas!!! :) Nice poem!!!

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