Moments While Departing ...



Especially Dedicated To One Of My Friend Just Let Her Know Nothing Is Really Matter In Friendship As Long As We Are Loyal Having Trust Towards The Relationship That We've Established ...

Time , Never Ends ...
You Keep On Walking..
Meeting So Many Paths And Dreams
Playing Hide And Seeks ...

Troubles And Trials ,
Meaning To Be Alive ..
To Encounter Those ZigZags
The Destination Itself Arised ...

You Might Have Lost A Lots
But, Precious Things Still Remains In You ..
Between The Victory And Surrender ,
You've Choosen Yours Own ...

The Moon Is Eagerly Waiting On You..
Stars Are The Friends Around
Being There For You
Whenever, Whereever You Need ...
Sometimes, You Can't Deny
There Are Faults ,
Inside Those Faults , Touch Of Unseen Love
Need To Be Accepted, Without Any Regret ...

God Knows,
Either Time Let People Hold Eachother Or Not
Even Though,
A Single Rememberance Is One And The Best
Immortal Thing Whole Of The Rest ...

Life Is Amazing ,
With The Boxes Of Secrets
Journey Is Yours ,
Always Try Your Test
Having Full Of Faith ...