I'm so blessed having you in my life
i can't express your mind blowing and divine love..
Just let me know whenever you lonely and sad
i'll be there to hold your arms..
Let me be the one, to whom you're searching
embrace me within you so you cant let me go..
Just believe me, i'll make you complete
you'll see, i can give you everything that you need..
Touch me once with your all feelings for me
you will feel my heart and soul, which beats always for you..
I'd be lost if i lost you if you ever leave
you know, i sacrificed everything just for you..
Just promise you this, there would be nothing
i wouldn't give mine to you..
My beloved ! i always need you in my life
i'll be waiting here inside my heart..
I wanna let all world to know that
i have someone who loves me more..
Your precious love will be forever with me
i'm always around you, just feel me..
Though we're miles far from eachother
i've fully trust in you and in our true love..

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