I really dont know from where to start and where to end,
my endless pain which i feel in my every breathe..
Oh my mom ! you kept me nine months inside your womb,
you gave me life, you gave me everything which i supposed to get..
You gave me birth putting your life in stake but you didn't care,
i grown up by holding your fingers, i was feeded by your hands..
You save me from all the diifficulties even your life was in risk,
the first time in life i uttered a word "mother" and it was you ..
I learnt every single words from you, you taught and inspired me,
everything that i need to know..
I used to do mischiefs but you filled up that space with your sweetness,
when you were with me i was complete and you never let me to feel lack in me..
I was existed bcz you were there for me as my mother,
but when i lost you, i lost my world, my existance and everything..
I felt guilty myself for that injustice coz she didn't die but killed by evil,
i was so helpless, i just watched how she was dying, i heard how she was crying,
She was innocent but all world seems so crueled towards my mother..
i became totally orphan after you left me here all alone,
You were no more there by my side who meant all for me..
when these moments reminds me i just can't stop my emotions,
Everytime my heart is killing,every moment i am missing you..
and mom ! i never found the person like you ..
I watch over the sky and make a wish with each stars,
plz my mom give back to me and hold me one more time,
with all her love, care and affection which she used to do with me..
Oh god ! are you hearing how my misarable herat is crying ?
why this world gave me such an unbearable pain ?
How will i suffer which i will never forget as long as i live ?
Oh my dearest mom ! are you glancing your poor child from the sky ?
who is dying here always in your absence..
I need you mom, i want you, i long for you every single second of my life..
when you were still with me i couldn't show you how much i love you,
But whenever you are now just wanna let you know my love for you is immortal..
i cant explain it in words which never become complete..
But my last wish is, may i could be your child in next birth and forever,
and we will stay together no one will make us separate..

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Such a touching poem ! i feel like i stopped my breath for a moment. keep it up !!

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